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Submarine Spray Whale™
Submarine Spray Whale
Submarine Spray Whale
Submarine Spray Whale
Submarine Spray Whale
Submarine Spray Whale™
Submarine Spray Whale
Submarine Spray Whale
Submarine Spray Whale
Submarine Spray Whale

Submarine Spray Whale™

Age: 2-6 years
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Celebrating bathtime™ with the new addition to Yookidoo's 2016 bestselling bath toy line! Our all-time favorite submarine now meets a spraying whale!
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  • A battery operated submarine with a water circulation pumping system that draws water from the tub and recycles a safe stream of water without wasting water from the tap.
  • Water magically streams through the diver shower head specially designed for easy grip and activation by small hands.
  • Run the water flow into the floating whale to create a cool spraying action!
  • Direct the water flow at the whale to see him float and swim like a real whale.
  • Fill the whale and now he's a water pouring funnel!
  • Encourages independent play and exploration.
  • Grasping the shower head and filling the whale encourages development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • Spraying action stimulates baby’s senses of sight & touch.
  • Teaches children cause & effect processes and concepts such as full/empty, float/sink etc.
  • Closed water circulation system saves water and promotes safety by maintaining water level and temperature.
  1. Connect the submarine to bath tub bottom by sticking the green suction cup. Ensure water level is at least 5 cm height. The submarine draws water from the bath tub and streams the water through the diver shower head. Show your child how to activate the water flow by pressing the nobs on the sides of the shower head. Alternatively, the water stream can be activated by pressing the red button on the submarine, creating a constant water stream. Run the water flow into the floating whale’s tail to create a cool spraying action!
  2. Play pretend games with water flow and whale. Tickle whale with the water stream or wash him! Direct the water flow at the whale to see him float and swim like a real whale.
  3. Squirt at different targets. Play with the water stream. Water is great for sensory play and opens a world of discovery and exploration!
  4. Introduce concepts such as empty and full. Show your child different ways to fill the whale. Direct the water flow into the whale’s mouth or fill him up by ducking him under water. Teach your child about the bubbles, the bubble sounds and why this happens.
  • Troubleshoot:

  • The Submarine Spray Whale stopped working:

    • The product stops working when the propeller or filter are blocked by dirt, hair soap or rust. In order to fix this, unscrew filter and pull it out. Wash with soap and water, ensuring that the filter mesh is completely clean. Make sure propeller rotates freely. If it does not, try to release whatever is causing it to be stuck with a sharp object, such as a screwdriver, until it rotates freely again. Reinsert filter and attach screws.
    • If you would to watch a tutorial, click here.
    • Change batteries.
  • The water stream from the diver shower is slow:

    • Allow the pump to be filled with water – plug the water output hole on the diver shower with a one finger for a minute.
    • Clean filter – clean mesh and make sure that the filter propeller spins freely.
    • Change batteries.
  • Still doesn’t work:

    Contact us.

  • Are batteries included in the Submarine Spray Station?

    No. Batteries are not included in package.

  • What type of batteries are needed to operate the Submarine Spray Station?

    4 X AA Batteries.

  • How do I Insert the batteries?

    Attention! Before inserting batteries, ensure the product is dried thoroughly!
    To insert batteries, unscrew the battery compartment cover (located on the front side – “nose” of the submarine) using a coin and extract the battery compartment. Insert 4 X 1.5V AA (LR6) batteries, ensuring correct polarity. Replace the compartment cover and screw firmly into position (see instructions – images 1+2+3)
    Attention! Before using, make sure the battery compartment is completely sealed!


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