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My First Mirror Friend (Cow)
My First Mirror Friend (Cow)
My First Mirror Friend (Cow)
My First Mirror Friend (Cow)
My First Mirror Friend (Cow)
My First Mirror Friend (Cow)
My First Mirror Friend (Cow)
My First Mirror Friend (Cow)

My First Mirror Friend™ (Cow)

Age: 0-12 months
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Explore & more with Yookidoo's large and sturdy baby safe mirror.
Attach to crib, gym & stroller or place upright on mat.

  • A large and sturdy baby safe mirror with multiple features!
  • Features an adorable crinkly dog  friend with different textures, a back side teether and a hidden ball for a surprising rattling effect.
  • Large alligator clip for easy connection to the crib or to the stroller.
  • Stands upright on floor and is great for tummy time.
  • Keeps baby's attention.
  • Especially designed for babies to grasp, shake and explore.
  • Enhances visual focus, visual acuity and depth perception. The different textural sensations offer tactile experience and promote sensory development.
  • Tummy time use - strengthens shoulders and upper body. Promotes head lifting and turning
  • Rattle: Introduces babies to cause & effect processes and develops gross motor skills.
  1. Place baby safe mirror upright on the floor or playmat during tummy time. During the earlier stages, the mirror will encourage baby to lift his head and reach out, thus promoting eye-hand coordination. At later stages, exploring the mirror will strengthen baby’s shoulders and upper body. My First Mirror Friend easily attaches to the stroller too, and its multiple textures encourage sensory play and enhance tactile stimulation.
  • Where can I attach the mirror to?

    Mirror is multifunctional and can be attached to the crib or the gym. It can also be  attached to the stroller or used for tummy time as it stands upright on the floor. Please note that when used in the crib,  the distance between the mirror bottom and the mattress should be at least 7 inches.

  • Are mirrors safe to for babies to play with?

    My First Mirror Friend  is baby safe and designed for babies to play with.

  • Can I use it for tummy time?

    Yes. My first mirror friend stands upright on the floor/mat and is designed to be used for tummy time encouraging baby to follow along and lift his head and shoulders.

  • What is the date code and where can I find it on the product?

    The Yookidoo date code number helps us track the production date of the product. The date code of the Yookidoo My First Mirror Friend  is on the product’s sewing label. It is a 5 digit number  and ends with the 2 letters: LD.

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