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FunElefun Fill 'N' Sprinkle™

Age: 18-36
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An elephant trunk funnel bath toy that is an Essential addition to your bath time fun! Packed with features and developmental benefits, it comes with 3 super cool interchangeable trunk accessories.

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An elephant trunk funnel with 3 delightful interchangeable trunk accessories:

  • Spinning water mills
  • Twistable trunk spray
  • Sprinkler nozzle

A super engaging bath toy which will spark your child’s imagination, prompt their curiosity, and encourage independent play, exploration, and discovery.

Especially made for small hands, it is easy to grasp by the ears and fill with water.

Attach anyone of the interchangeable trunk accessories, fill the trunk with water and watch with delight as they spin and sprinkle water.

FunElefun comes with a large suction cup that sticks to the tub for easy play & storage

All interchangeable accessories can be placed inside the FunElefun the for easy mold free storage.

  • Promotes STEM based learning by introducing your toddler to the fundamental principles of physics and hydro dynamics.
  • Develops cognitive skills through exploring and experimenting.
  • Boosts curiosity and creativity .
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Teaches cause and effect.
  • Enhances sensory development.

Connect the sprinkler nozzle for super sprinkling fun!

Replace with the spinning water mills, fill the FunElefun with water and watch the mills wildly spin and splash! Connect the twistable trunk sprayer for a real elephant shower!

Playing with the trunk accessories, each with different water effects, sparks your toddler imagination and creativity.

FunElefun comes with a large suction cup hanger that attaches to the tub for easy play & storage.

  • 1x Elephant trunk funnel
  • 1x twistable trunk sprayer
  • 1x sprinkler nozzle
  • 1x spinning water mills
  • 1x suction cup hanger

Does this toy require batteries? FunElefun is part of our Essential line of bath toys which do not require batteries and are powered solely by the power of water.

Can this product be used outdoors? Yes. This toy can be used with any clean water, such as in bathtubs, swimming pools and kiddy pools.

Where do I store the interchangeable accessories? All the trunk accessories can be easily stored inside the trunk funnel which comes with a suction cup hanger.

How do I prevent mold from developing? Yookidoo® bath toys are all designed to be mold free! They are built to drain after use. Make sure you let them drain well and dry after every use.


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