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Spin 'N' Sprinkle Water Lab™
Spin 'N' Sprinkle Water Lab™
Spin 'N' Sprinkle Water Lab™
Spin 'N' Sprinkle Water Lab™
Spin 'N' Sprinkle Water Lab™
Spin 'N' Sprinkle Water Lab™

Spin 'N' Sprinkle Water Lab™

Age: 12-36 months
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A transparent Water Lab Activity Center for your young “scientist’s” wet experiments! No better way to enhance STEM based learning using the power of water. 
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A water activity center that attaches to the tub and generates a double chain reaction of surprising water effects.

Enhances STEM based learning by introducing young “scientists” to the fundamental concepts of physics & mathematics, using the power of water.

The transparent water lab enables your child to see the double-cross chain reaction of surprising water effects in action!

Comes with two cool lab accessories:

  • A test tube container with volume marks.
  • A detachable funnel for filling, pouring, and playing.

Filling the test tube with water and pouring it into the water gauge funnel, rapidly spins the water gauge and creates 10 surprising water sprays from the connecting pipeline.

Pouring water into the detachable funnel, will set the googly eyes rolling wildly, as a stream of water flows from the mouth and onto the other side of the pipeline, spinning the propeller.

Water lab Attaches to the Tub for easy play & storage

  • Promotes STEM based learning and scientific exploration by introducing your child to the fundamental principles of mathematics and physics.
  • Teaches sequential thought and cause and effect.
  • Encourages independent play and fuels your child’s imagination.
  • Strengthens hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and fine motor skills.

Sensational bath time fun and learning with surprising water effects - googly eyes, rotating water gauge, multi jet sprinkler and a spinning propeller, so many awesome features s in one delightful bath toy!

Attach the Water Lab Activity Center to the tub.

Fill the test tube with water, show your child the metered marks on the test tube to teach calculation and volume.

Pour the test tube into the water gauge funnel and watch how the water gauge spins and 10 water sprays sprinkle from the connecting pipeline! What a great way to explain cause & effect.

Filling, measuring, and poring - all enhance manual dexterity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Our unique double-cross chain reaction is demonstrated fully, when your child pours water into the detachable funnel and the googly eyes start wildly rolling as a stream of water flows from the mouth and to the other side of the pipeline, madly spinnings the propeller!

A great time to teach your kiddo about kinetic energy and how water can be used as “hydropower” for various purposes.

The more you encourage curiosity, exploration, and discovery, the more you strengthen the connection between play and learning time, and the best way to learn- is by playing!

  • 1 x Transparent Water Activity Center unit (color may vary).
  • 1 x Removable funnel (color may vary).


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