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Baby Shower Kit

How to Plan the Ultimate DIY Baby Shower

Nothing says ‘yay, you’re having a new baby!’ better than a big, adorable baby shower. And what could be bigger or more adorable than one with an elephant theme? (Picture a baby and mama elephant, trunks intertwined and splashing around.) These gentle creatures capture all the sweetness of what’s about to come. And that’s why we’re introducing (drumroll, please) our Elephant Baby Shower.

A baby shower is a chance to let parents shine, prepare for their little one, and celebrate the new family that they will be – all rolled into one happy gathering. Planning a baby shower for you or someone else can be fun and meaningful. You’ll want to get organized in advance, create a budget, put together a guest list, decide on a location, and send out a save-the-date. Let’s break it down!

The Decor

Yookidoo’s Elephant Baby Shower can add a delightful thematic touch to your shower. This beloved product allows parents to clean their baby in the bath with the gentlest possible stream, embodying and enhancing the very essence of that new relationship

This shower tool is one of Yookidoo’s most popular products, one selling out every few minutes. It’s definitely a crowd favorite among new and veteran moms alike. With its soft gray shade and pastel hues, the Elephant Baby Shower complements calming and pretty decor. Consider incorporating elephant-themed decorations as a charming centerpiece.

In the link here, you’ll see a beautiful, easy-to-follow kit we made to help you prepare for this special occasion. In the kit, you can find printable materials for invitations, garlands, party blowers, straw decorations, and tags for party-favor baggies (all in elephant designs, of course). This kit from Yookidoo has everything you need!

The Menu

What screams elephants better than circus food like popcorn and peanuts? We suggest a light-hearted take on these ingredients.

For snacks, how about heaping bowls of different kinds of homemade popcorn like rosemary parmesan popcorn or sugar ‘n spice popcorn? Pick your favorite flavors, make your regular popcorn recipe, and combine while hot.

For the main fare, we love “grown up” peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (which, in case of allergies, can also use other nut or seed butter instead). Try a peanut butter sandwich with chopped celery and chili flakes. Or a peanut butter sandwich with apple slices and crispy bacon. Be creative! Play with sweet and savory combinations. Slice them into small triangles like English tea sandwiches and offer them alongside other little sandwiches with fillings like chicken salad or smoked salmon and cucumber. Make a big green salad with cooked quinoa, raw cabbage, and a Thai dressing, topped with crunchy peanuts (of course), and everyone at the shower will be pleased as a punch.

Speaking of punch, we love cotton candy cocktails to accompany the circus theme. Put pieces of cotton candy in a martini glass, pour over with ice, seltzer, and vodka (omit the vodka for the moms-to-be), slip in an elephant-decorated straw, and then… clink!

Oh, and for dessert? An elephant-shaped cake is cute-as-can-be. Or any kind of sweet is great – like elephant cake pops or elephant ears (worry not, they’re not really elephant parts but delicious slabs of fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar).

The Agenda

There’s no need to schedule an entire program for a baby shower, as the chit-chat is often entertainment enough. But having a game or two on the agenda can be nice. One fun idea is to do a trivia game where you have a list of questions about the parents, for example: Where did the parents meet? What food has mom been craving all throughout this pregnancy? Read the questions out loud, have guests call out the answers, and keep track of who gets them right. The guests with the most correct answers win!

The Gifts

Leading up to the event, guests will likely be inquiring about gifts they can bring for the baby. In addition to practical staples like diapers, wipes, and baby clothes, Yookidoo Gyms, rattles, and other bath-time products are always well-loved. Yookidoo has a great of products that will keep mom happy and baby busy. You can also help the expectant parents create a registry of their own.

For the baby shower itself, we suggest purchasing a big white baby bathtub ahead of time, fill it with pretty colored tissue paper and sparkles, and have guests place their presents inside it for the parents to take home. Provide some permanent markers and ask guests to sign the outside of the baby bath with encouraging words to hearten the parents during those sometimes uncertain – but always special – first baths.

We know that the baby shower’s happy memories and useful gifts will carry over after the birth and help make the baby’s early days (and baths) magical for all. So have fun planning the Elephant Baby Shower. Be sure to take photos and share or tag us!

Priyanka Sharma

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