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Yookidoo’s Best-of-the-Best Baby Gift Guide

Gift-giving season is near, so you may already be hunting for the best presents for babies and toddlers 🎁. Ideally, your chosen gift will be well-made, provide real value and joy, and tap into a child’s spark and curiosity.

At Yookidoo, we’re expert gift makers. We know what’s impactful and fun, and we have unique, award-winning toys for that perfect gift. Here are our stand-out, five-star suggestions for every stage and age.

Newborn Sensory Essentials ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
When newborns are waking up to the world and growing into their senses, there’s a lot of cozy time spent in the bath and playing on the floor. These are some of the best baby toys for 0-6 months to enhance those experiences.

The Elephant Baby Shower is a battery-operated, compact, portable baby shower designed for safe, gentle, and easy maneuvering while bathing babies. The easy-activation shower head ensures a soothing flow, making it a perfect fit for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Plus, it doubles as an adorable bath toy for later stages, ensuring the fun continues!

Our unique Sensory Bath Mobile is unlike any other product out there. With spinning flowers and a swiveling bird, it's a multi-sensory delight. Press the bird button to start the water show! Perfectly secure on regular baths as well as baby bathtubs, this unique mobile is also a fantastic bath toy for sitting babies. The mobile also disassembles for flat and compact storage!

The Fiesta Playmat to Bag is the perfect playmat for on-the-go fun and tummy-time, including all kinds of stimulation with a rattle, teether, and mirror – plus room on the pad for socializing with a friend. Perfect for an impromptu picnic on the grass!  The playmat is machine washable and features three playful ‘peek-a-boo’ crinkly flags that stimulate the baby's sense of touch. It's great for indoor and outdoor activities!

And the Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play playmat is a three-stage gym  full of cheerful animals and encourages babies to move from laying, to tummy-time, and to sitting when they’re ready. With a patented tummy time activity mat, a motion-activated musical plane, rattle, mirror, and multi-textured farm figures, it's a journey of discovery. And when it's time for a trip to grandma's, fold it easily into a self-contained roll-n-go carry case with a hidden pocket for additional accessories.

Infant In Action ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
At this stage, action is at the forefront. Babies are fascinated by movement and are on the move themselves, too. So, we’ve got a few gift ideas for babies 6-12 months to encourage that.

The Magical Duck Race is an action-packed fountain and track for the tub, full of fun and spray, with hilarious ducks racing each other while each features a unique spraying effect. Ready, set, go! The green leaf lever, which was specially designed for little hands, activates the fountain and water effects, ensuring a delightful aquatic adventure. Safe and entertaining, adding a splash of joy to every bath.


FunEleFun Fill ‘N’ Sprinkle is the cutest elephant funnel with interchangeable accessories and nozzles so babies can fill, sprinkle, and spin to their heart’s content. Let tiny hands play with the elephant's trunk, filling, spraying, and spinning with joy. This playful experience encourages imaginative play and introduces early STEM concepts, making it a delightful addition to playtime. Includes suction cup tub hanger for play and easy storage.


The Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout  is  a battery-operated bath spout that attaches easily to the tub, creating an endless stream without wasting water from the tap. Stackable tumblers with different water effects add to the excitement. Watch as colorful cups create water structures, and the peek-a-boo friend floats to the top. The swiveling arm holds the bath cups for endless playing, stacking, and storage possibilities. Easy for kids to operate.

And out of the tub, there is probably nothing more exciting than Crawl ‘N’ Go Snail. Babies can crawl after it as it rolls on the ground, make music, and spin the fun stacker that it carries on its back. It has a baby-friendly tail operating button. Watch as it encourages babies to crawl after it, promoting gross motor skills and cause-and-effect relationships. The snail's colorful stacker has 7 pieces; some contain beads that add a sensory element, while the antennae light up and flash to the beat of the music, creating a mesmerizing experience. Don't worry, it has a silent mode as well!

Starter-Toddler ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
At a certain point, a child is driven by curiosity, and they get into absolutely everything! They want to see how things work, what happens if they do this or that, and how much impact they can make. In that spirit, here are some of our top toddler gifts for 1-2 years. 

For the mad scientist in the making, this Spin ‘N’ Sprinkle Water Lab  is the perfect place for silly experimentation, complete with a test tube, dial, and googly eyes – plus a chain reaction of 10 surprising effects. Encouraging imaginative play and introducing STEM principles, it's a sensory adventure that sparks creativity in every toddler.

Watch as your little one is captivated by the whimsical Elefountain Water Show! Centered around an adorable elephant, a spinning ball, and a twirling, sprinkling umbrella, this battery-operated water show creates a multi-sensory experience. Delight in the gentle stream of water, teaching core physics and STEM principles in a way that feels like pure magic. Easy on and off for little hands. Perfect for imaginative play and early STEM exploration.

And nothing says ‘explorer’ more than the Submarine Spray Station, complete with a submarine, spraying diver, and a lot of machinery to engage and keep a kid busy! The water circulation pumping system recycles a safe stream of water, demonstrating eco-friendly principles. Easy to grip and activate, the diver showerhead and water activity center create a chain reaction of surprising water effects, turning bath time into a captivating adventure

Toys for Imaginative Toddlers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Late-stage toddlers love to pretend and build. These are the best toys for 25-36 months when their imagination is thriving, and they want to explore the world.

Our Jet Duck series offers the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure. Whether it’s the Pirate, Firefighter, or Mermaid, these lucky duckies come with a wide array of accessories to create all kinds of characters and stories in the tub. Each Jet Duck comes complete with a unique set of accessories – a pirate hat, firefighter helmet, or mermaid tail – sparking imaginative stories in the tub. Watch as they speed through the bath, creating a splash of fun while introducing core physics and STEM principles.

Firefighter Mermaid

The Stack ‘N’ Spray Bath Tub Fountain can unleash silly, spraying boats out to conquer the ocean. Or it can be built up into a unique stacked tower. When there’s so much to do – like float, sink, spray, and build – the sky’s the limit! This battery-operated fountain boasts a water-circulating pumping system that draws water from the tub, creating a magical aquatic spectacle. With 5 stackable boats and figures, each offering a different water-spraying effect, your little one can conquer the ocean or build a towering masterpiece. 


Preschool Scholar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
It’s never too soon for STEM fun and learning, with playtime that lays the groundwork for skills important in school and general critical thinking. Here are some super educational toys for preschoolers.

Training hand-eye coordination and aiming at a target,  the wild Ball Blaster Water Cannon teaches kids that “practice makes perfect!” This battery-operated cannon shoots out 4 colorful balls and water through a target loop, teaching the power of force as well as cause and effect. Versatile for both in and out of the bath, it creates a multi-sensory experience that's both educational and loads of fun.


The beloved Ready Freddy Spray ‘N’ Sprinkle is the busiest firefighter you’ll ever meet. This special toy is more than just a water sprayer; it's a lesson in cause and effect. With a fire wheel, water gauge, and two more accessories, it demonstrates the mechanics of firefighting, sparking imaginative play in preschoolers. Freddy’s eyes roll as water begins streaming from his helmet. This battery-operated Spray ‘N’ Sprinkle creates a multi-sensory experience combining curiosity and interactive fun.


The exciting Catch ‘N’ Sprinkle Fishing Set – complete with pole, worm, and fish – encourages patience and develops coordination of the hands and fine and gross motor skills. The three floating fish - always facing up, ready to be caught! Each one of them will stream, sprinkle, or propel the water out. Dive into an experience that extends from bath time to playtime, making learning a joyful adventure.

Find these fun presents and more to fill your gift bag and stockings at Yookidoo–where you’ll find the most unique toys and innovative products out there. Visit our website (, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other toy retailers!

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